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Month of Performance Art – Berlin


11.5.2013, 16 -18 h – No Show Stephanie Hanna
18.5.2013, 16 -18 h – Research for Extending Reciprocity Shannon Cooney
25.5.2013, 16 -18 h – SUPPER III Alexine Chanel

No Show
Stephanie Hanna

What shows when you don´t pretend?
Employing the window pane as canvas, Stephanie adds and substracts paint, opening and

closing view points. The public is invited to do so as well, from the outside.
A public exercize in awareness, sensitivity and agency.



Research for Extending Reciprocity
Shannon Cooney

In her dance-making and teaching practices, Shannon Cooney weaves somatic
work with performance. In the window, she will examine empathetic responses of
passers-by whilst rocking or swaying with volunteers, in sync with the
craniosacral rhythm (a vital system in the body with a slow rhythmical resonance).
Observations of participants and witnesses will be documented and collected via

video or hand-out surveys.



Alexine Chanel
co-curated by Ariane Blankenburg

In the third and final part of her performative supper series, Alexine Chanel dissects the art world through the combination of a twelve course supper and a game of musical chairs.

Twelve supper guests, all artists, are invited to an intriguing twelve course menu, being
served by 4 curators. But, as in the game, only one artist will get to eat desert. Satire is
definitely on the menu!