Schreckfiguren à la Mode – Raff

An Exhibition by Colin Raff
Produced by Ben Schuman-Stoler

Opening December 18, 2015
19 – 21 Uhr

Finissage Friday, February 5, 2016
19 – 21 Uhrs

Donau- Ecke Ganghofer
Ganghofer Str. 6, 12043 Berlin
U7 Rathaus Neukölln / Karl-Marx-Straße

The urban legend of the Nachtbockkäfer (literally “night-goat-beetle”) appears localized to contemporary Berlin, yet its iconography is in fact antique, with an origin extending to the coast of the Black Sea. By means of printed cut-outs, text, sound and animation, this exhibit traces the evolution of a specific but volatile figure through archetypal permutations, proposing an unending imaginary process.

Join us outside to behold this artistically transmogrified Brutalist window display.


Preview the video animation

More slabs of Colin can be savored at